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Are We Becoming GMO Human Test Tubes?

 GM Health Risk Week Sept 2-8

September 2-8 2013 has been designated GM Human Health Risk Week. It grew from the ideas of a number of concerned individuals and organizations, including the Food Sovereignty Movement. GM Health Risk Week is a week of events and discussions examining health risks surrounding GM food.

GM Health Risk Week aims to:

1 Introduce new evidence which casts uncertainty over the safety of GM food

2 Begin a public debate around the risks and regulation of GM food

3 Highlight the results of a recent study by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini, which found that rats fed with Monsanto’s GM NK603 maize and tiny amounts of Roundup pesticide suffered severe organ damage and increased risk of tumours and premature death.

Professor Seralini will be speaking in the UK during this week, discussing his research and findings. Professor Seralini found increased kidney and liver toxicity in rats fed GM maize leading to liver and kidney failure and premature death, especially in males. There was a general increase in tumors among the rats, especially mammary tumors. Females died prematurely from mammary tumors and pituitary dysfunction. You can find a summary of the findings and a link to Prof. Seralini’s full study here.

Pigs are particularly important study subjects because their physiology and metabolism, particularly their digestive tract, resembles human physiology and metabolism. Farmer Ib Pederson of Denmark says GM crops are not fit for pigs. When Farmer Ib switched to non-GM feed, he documented longer lifespans, and less defects in his pigs. His experience and observations are featured in the 9 minute film Stop the Crop.

On RT SophieCo interviews Jeffrey Smith about the dangers of GMOs in the diet, in animal feed, and in the water and soil. He describes how Monsanto wants total control of the world seed supply through patented GM seeds, and how it systematically covers up grave GMO dangers.

Research on pigs by Dr. Judy Carman in Australia reveals that GMOs in the diet inflame the digestive tract. Dr. Carman and her team discovered a 25% increase in uterus weight in the female animals fed the GM diet as compared to the control group. In addition, GM fed male pigs were four times more likely to be afflicted with severe stomach inflammation, while females had more than double the risk of the control group. Pigs with these problems go into our food supply and we eat them.

So far there have been no studies of the effects of GMOs in the human diet. We are all the subjects of a giant experiment whose purpose is to make giant corporations richer, not to make human beings better fed or healthier.

Food Sovereignty Ghana has published GMO Foods – The FAQs and is continuing to research and publish more FAQs and more information about GMOs in our diet and our environment. Keep yourself informed about our food. Watch for our press releases in the news and follow them on the Food Sovereignty Ghana.

Nana Ama Amamoo
Director, Research and Information Department,
Food Sovereignty Ghana

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