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Our main means of income is from members’ dues. It has taken us sometime to focus effectively on fund-raising because we have been fire-fighting since inception. We are grateful to all those who contributed in cash and in kind, towards the organisation of our first March Against Monsanto, on 12th October 2013. Since then, we have never had even the opportunity to ask, and the chance to receive any external financial assistance except directly from the personal means of our officers, some of whom have just completed their national service and are unemployed.

It is obvious that in order to operate at a minimum of professionalism and effectiveness, a minimum of resources such as a secretariat with access to internet, telecommunications, transportation, are indispensable. In a situation where we still have to hire everything we need, such as public address systems, it means we have a long way to go, as we even spend more money hiring them, than owning one! The more copies we print for mass awareness campaigns, the cheaper they become, but we need a minimum steady flow of income to benefit from all these economies of scale.

We are currently involved in the biggest struggle in our life so far, rejection of UPOV compliance and the affirmation of farmers’ rights, oppose the theft of the Commons in gemplasm by multinational corporations, and a complete and categorical rejection of the notion that the plant breeders’ right could ever be made “independent of any measure taken by the Republic to regulate within Ghana the production, certification and marketing of material of a variety or the importation or exportation of the material.”

At the same time, we have sued the National Biosafety Authority, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and the Attorney-General’s Department, against the imminent commercialisation of Bt cowpeas, and GM rice. All these require a minimum of funds.

We need to run an efficient secretariat and to help intensify the campaign.

ACCOUNT NAME:   Food Sovereignty Ghana,

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1061000105223301,

BANK NAME:      Agricultural Development Bank,

BRANCH: Accra,



RIDGE CODE: 080106
ADDRESS:  Box 4191, Accra

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