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FSG in Court 2nd April
FSG in Court 2nd April

Ghana’s Landmark GMO Case Adjourned To October 12, 2015

The human rights division of the High Court in Accra was today scheduled to hear the case submitted by lead plaintiffs Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG). The case which sought to place an injunction on the commercialization and release of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Ghana had to be adjourned till October 12th 2015 as the Judge, Kofi Essel Mensah was indisposed.

The Judicial Service usually goes on administrative break around this time of the year and so the clerk issued the date of October 12 as the next available time to meet after the annual break begins on August 3. This means that the temporary ban on the release and commercialization of GMO as sought by the injunction application remains effective till the court resumes in October.

Though the delay will affect the timely determination of the case due to its human rights dimension, FSG remains confident that the hold on the intended commercial release of the Bt cowpeas and Bt rice as announced earlier by the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) serves the purpose of protecting the interests of Ghanaian farmer as well as the consumers and the environment.

FSG will continue to engage and involve Ghanaians and to resist all attempts at the imposition of GM products into our food chain without public awareness and participation in such a decision. We renew our pledge to continue to expose and challenge the GM industry-led lies and conflicts of interests behind the drive to impose GM products on Ghanaians. We feel greatly encouraged and profoundly grateful for the level of public interest and support so far. Above all, we remain confident that justice shall prevail.or Life, the Environment, and Social Justice

Edwin Kweku Andoh Baffour
Communications Directorate,

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