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GMO Lies and Outdated Science

By Food Sovereignty Ghana
Ghana’s MPs, USAID and its contractors, and their GMO tame scientists all remain committed to passing the Plant Breeders Bill and imposing GMOs on Ghanaian farmers and public. They expect the public to unquestioningly respect this outdated science as if it were the word of God. Those who love and appreciate science know that what is known is never final.  The known is always the starting point for asking new and more questions, seeking facts, and drawing conclusions based on data driven analysis.  The GMO perpetrators hate genuine science, it often gives them information they do not want people to know, information that endangers their profits and monopoly control.

The GMO perpetrators lie to journalists and the public about the Plant Breeders Bill, pretending it will not enable domination of Ghana’s agriculture by foreign corporations.  The bill will take away our sovereignty and allow the theft of our Ghanaian seed DNA.  They lie about the accomplishments of GMOs, with claims about yields and adapting to climate change.  They lie about the benefits to small holder farmers, when all the evidence from countries that have tried GMOs shows us that the high price of the seeds and chemical inputs puts small holder farmers out of business.   GMOs yield profits only with large scale mechanized agriculture that throws people out of work and off their land.   That is what they plan for Ghana, to sell our land out from under us so it can be used for chemical agriculture that poisons people and the environment.

GMOs were designed by chemical companies and they have only one trick: pesticides.  They either contain pesticides in every cell of the plant, or they are designed to absorb massive quantities of applied pesticides without killing the plant.  Either way, these pesticides fill the environment and are passed into the food chain.

The GMO hucksters want you to think science tells us we need GMOs.  The science supporting GMOs is more than 20 years old.  It has been left in the dust by more recent science that demonstrates the importance of diversity, by Agroecology, and by marker assisted breeding that can actually accomplish the things that GMO perpetrators have claimed but failed to accomplish. The big chemical agriculture corporations, led by Monsanto, have done their best to suppress  independent research on GMOs, and have viciously attacked any scientist who publishes results not to their liking.  The strong resistance (including from governments) to GMOs in Europe is based on science.

The GMO perpetrators are importing GMO seed into Ghana and engaging in field trials without permission or supervision even from the so-called Biosafety Authority, which has not yet been constituted.  The Biosafety Authority is the only body that can legally grant that permission, yet there are GMOs already growing in our lands in Ghana!

Food Sovereignty Ghana remains committed to genuine principles of scientific inquiry.  We remain committed in our opposition to the Plant Breeders Bill.  We remain committed to the preservation of Ghana’s sovereignty and the integrity of our seed DNA which our Parliament so carelessly wishes to give away.   We urge all Ghanaians to educate themselves on these issues and let your MP know your thoughts.

For Life, the Environment, and Social Justice!–
Jason Tutu
Communications Lead, FSG

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