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 RED ALERT! Dear Friends, Brothers & Sisters of the great African family! We need your help! – Food Sovereignty Ghana

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters of the great African family! We need your help!

The Parliament of Ghana is moving to the Consideration Stage in the Passage of the #‪#‎PlantBreedersBill‬, aka “Monsanto Law”, which places the rights of the Plant Breeder, over and above the laws of Ghana.

Despite several appeals (examples: by CSOs: NGOs: FBOs:, for further public awareness and consultations with stake-holders, our Parliamentarians remain keen to pass the Bill whilst Ghanaians are watching football! ‪#‎WorldCup‬

From all their public utterances, which do nothing to address the concerns in the various petitions to Parliament, short of a massive national and international attention, they may go ahead and pass the Bill!

The Government of Ghana is under intense pressure from the ‪#‎GMO‬ Lobby to IMPOSE genetically modified foods into our food chain. There is equally a strong public push-back, resentment, and awareness of what is going on!

The issue is being keenly contested, with MPs adamant despite public outcry. Latest reports portend to a dismissive “oral” report to Parliament on the petitions, and a rapid passage of the Bill, possibly before the end of the on-going World Cup tournament in Brazil!

Food Sovereignty Ghana has been wondering how they are going to pull this off. And by sharing this and helping to create more public awareness, local and international, you would be helping our cause for food sovereignty, not only in Ghana, but in Africa, and the world as a whole!

Thank you for your kind attention and solidarity.

For Life, the Environment, and Social Justice!

Social Media Outreach, FSG

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